Ben Fitzhugh to lead the Quaternary Research Center

Eric Steig has been Quaternary Research Center (QRC) Director for the  last five years.  Steig, professor in Earth and Space Sciences is an isotope geochemist and specialist in ice cores, glaciology and paleoclimate.  Ben Fitzhugh, professor of Anthropology, has begun a three year term as the new QRC Director.  Fitzhugh is an Archaeologist with many years of experience in high latitude research.  Both Steig and Fitzhugh worked closely together in proposing the Future of Ice Initiative.

Steig writes that:

“I have enjoyed working on behalf of QRC over the last five years, and believe that — with considerable help from others, but especially Ben – I have helped to put QRC in a stronger position going forward.  We now have significant support from the UW administration, major activities that we have launched, and lots of potential for the future.  I am confident that under Ben’s leadership, the leadership by QRC and collaboration with various interdisciplinary centers at UW — including those that have jointly launched the Future of Ice Initiative — will continue to be thrive.  — Eric Steig”